Feature-length games

  • Lenna's Inception

    Adventurer Lenna sets out on a quest to hunt down the Archangel that disembowelled her bright young students. Armed with discarded weaponry, divine artifacts, and blood-thirsty pets, she soon becomes mankind’s only hope for survival.

Jam games

Free, short games developed rapidly. Usually based around a single idea or theme.

  • Gourdgeous

    This game plays as a simple question-and-answer quiz during a virtual "date" with a pumpkin. You must guess the answer that will make Cucurbita the Pumpkin like you most.
  • Less

    In Less, you reminisce about your past while removing objects from your room. However, you can choose which item relates to which memory! The ending you get will depend on which objects were involved in each event in your life. Did you give your wife flowers or a potato? Are you moving out to start a new life, have you just been dumped, or has something much, much worse happened?
  • 10 Second Slaughter

    You play the shadow of the guy in the yellow shirt and can move around and kick things while the game is paused. The goal is to kill as many people as possible, and you get extra points for combos.
  • Housemates

  • P8NG

    The AI in this pong clone is impossible to beat using the normal approach. How many ways can you beat it using the debugger? Are you able to make any pretty glitch art pieces along the way?
  • My Little Terrorist

    In My Little Terrorist you receive requests from common sponsors of terrorism to perform (occasionally suicidal) destructive acts of murder. To do this you must gather recruits and ingredients for bombs, and manage them effectively.
  • Animalympics

    The 2013 Animalympics have started! Choose your animal and compete in three sporting events.

    There are no in-race controls. It's uninteractable.

  • CMY Invaders

    Space invaders clone written for the LD31 jam.

    The theme of the jam was "entire game on one screen." So in CMY Invaders, there are no title screens, no credits screens, and all levels take place in the same area.

  • Dreamer of Electric Sheep

    In this procedurally-generated text adventure, locations and descriptions are generated from the ConceptNet database, a crowd-sourced machine-readable database of common sense knowledge about the world.
  • Village by the Lake

    What lies behind the forced smiles, beneath the surface of this quaint Eastern European village?
  • Planetary Intergalactic Super Supply Line: Other Terran Species

    Capture the homeworld of the evil red humans before they take yours!

    Move one fleet at a time.
    Travel any distance along routes you own, but only one hop on a route you don't own.
    For every world you own, you will gain one ship at the start of each turn.