This week I’ve done a few little bits and pieces on Lenna’s Inception.

  • I brightened the palette a bit, because I thought it looked too gray (the original goal was to make it reminiscent of Gameboy graphics, but in color). It’s still mostly grayish, but the sprites stick out being more brightly-colored.

  • I improved the mob movement logic to take hit-detection into account on intermediate positions, so mobs can move faster, and the world update tick rate can be reduced. I also reduced the frame-rate to 30 FPS at the same time.

  • I drew some tiles. It’s not visible in the screenshots, but adjacent “hole” tiles are joined up on-the-fly.

  • I added animated text boxes that wrap words correctly. They actually look really nice, and the animation is quite smooth. I also added menus, but that was quite late last night, so I don’t have any screenshots or videos.

  • I prototyped the procedural dungeon generation algorithm I designed last week, and the results look good - screenshots.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Link to Screenshot Saturday #1.

Screenshot Saturday 51 on /r/GameDev.

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28 January 2012