No screenshots this week, but I do have a video that demonstrates everything I’ve done.

Essentially, this week I’ve focused on networking. I’ve been aware for a while that if I do want to add networked multiplayer to my game, it would be best to get it in early. Retroactively fitting it would be hugely painful. I don’t know exactly how multiplayer will fit in, in terms of gameplay, but even if it’s 80% likely it’ll never be in the finished game, I still think a week spent on it is a worthwhile investment to avoid the risk of later pain.

In the video, I connect two copies of the game on my desktop in the UK to a server in the US. The game has client-side prediction of NPCs and other players to reduce the apparent effects of lag.

It’s hard to see in the blurry video, but the terminal at the top is measuring network use of the two games. At the end of the video (after 110 seconds), it shows 1MB total (up and down) for the two players’ sessions. This amounts to roughly 5KB/s per player.

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11 February 2012