I spent a little time this week going over my plans for the game, and after doing some estimation, I worked out that I could have an early playable demo release by June. This won’t have very many features, and it will probably have just a single procedurally-generated dungeon to complete, but it gives me deadlines and a fixed feature set.

There are now some really awful graphics on the title screen:

I added another in-game map-editing tool, the Cane of Somalia (Zelda pun intended). This tool places tiles on the map. A little menu that pops up when you select it on the equipment menu allows you to choose which kind of tile you want to place:

I added a new piece of equipment - the spring. It allows you to jump over holes and enemies without taking damage.

Lastly, the shield now works, and it can be used to protect yourself from attacks and push back enemies.

I’m out of the country next week, so update #8 will be in two weeks’ time!

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2012/03/05 » c0smic

Hey, I just found your website and love the game you are making. I’m learning to code in Java, and watching the progress you make on your work is, well, inspiring! Keep it up.

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03 March 2012