This time, I added background music and the game’s first boss. There are a few things that will eventually need cleaning up, but now there’s nothing stopping me from progressing with procedural dungeon generation.


  • John Torkington - The Opening

  • SirmXe - Sivdin Altogether 140bpm

  • Vicces1212 - c64

Sound effects and music have been a pain to code thanks to PulseAudio being buggy on Ubuntu. My hope is that I won’t have to do any more of this now, but I haven’t tested it on Windows or OS X yet.

The boss has three stages. The way to beat the first two are hinted at by other enemies that you encounter before him, but the final one is a new experience. It’s stupidly difficult and it doesn’t work very well. I think I will move that stage onto a different boss and clean it up later on.

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31 March 2012