I’ve released version 2^-31 of Lenna’s Inception (9.4MB). This is a very early release to collect feedback and bug reports. It is not even alpha-quality. It’s still severely lacking in content, but everything I’ve published in screenshots on this website is in it.

My game tries to take visual style and gameplay from certain NES and Gameboy games (cough Zelda), and apply procedural generation to the level design. I designed an algorithm to lay out dungeon plans and published the source code for an implementation of it.

After I get feedback for 2^-31 (and take a short break), I plan to add more variation to the dungeons and add an overworld with RPG features.

No new screenshots or videos as nothing visible has changed since the last screenshot saturday.

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2012/08/18 » Trillian

Man, this is so cool! The result is very nice, too!

I’ve had the exact same ideas a few years ago and I just found your blog as I was looking for algorithm ideas for dungeon generation. I had started out with the overworld. Here’s some screenshots just for fun:

http://puu.sh/WQWQ (themed village test)

http://puu.sh/WQVy (overworld layout test)

I also had an actual playable overworld but I can’t find it right now.

Good luck with the project!

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