Normally I would post this on a Saturday, but I was busy yesterday frantically reinstalling the server (a precaution against some suspicious traffic I found), and moving everything from Wordpress to Jekyll. I’m still considering whether to allow comments or not – the Wordpress site got an awful lot of spam comments. They’re enabled now, but I may change this.

In previous versions of Lenna’s Inception, each new game would feature only a single dungeon (although each game’s dungeon would be unique). This week I added a new game mode, called Tower, where the player will face increasingly difficult dungeons one after another. There are only two levels to each game at the moment, but this will increase as I add content to it.

I also added a new cheat / debug tool to the game to make it faster for me to find the goal and boss rooms in procedurally-generated dungeons: the Compound Eyes. The Compound Eyes shrink the pixels and allow you to see into adjacent rooms. Screenshots are below. (Space in dungeon maps is toroidal, i.e. wrapping, so looking south of the southernmost rooms shows the northmost rooms, which is why the boss room can be seen south of the entrance room in the blue screenshot.)

As well as each dungeon in the new game mode having a different set of enemies, selected so as to match the difficulty of the dungeon, each now has its own prize item, and its own Boss.

Previously, the prize item in screenshots and videos was always the Diamond Pickaxe, but the Cane of Somalia is obtainable in the second level now.

Currently the second Boss is a modification of the first Boss. As well as being golden-colored, it’s twice as fast and has three times more hearts. (No, I have not been able to beat it.) This is purely a placeholder until I have coded some more bosses.

Both levels use the Spring equipment as the equipment key item, and the player keeps their colored keys when they are teleported from one dungeon to another. This breaks the puzzles in the second dungeon, but I will fix this soon. I plan to make the equipment key for the first dungeon the sword (so you will be navigating rooms without a sword at first), and each level afterwards will use a different piece of equipment. I will also make sure that colored keys are specific to each map.

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11 November 2012