This week I continued making a few minor tweaks to the new ‘Tower’ game mode, which pits the player against increasingly difficult levels, although currently there are only two levels.

I also made a start on a more advanced version of metazelda.

Lenna’s Inception

I made a bunch of smallish changes to the game:

  • On the first level the sword is now the item you’re required to collect to progress instead of the spring (which is still on the second level). What this means is that the sword is treated as a key in the puzzle for the first level, and the locks are tall bushes. Being completely defenseless actually makes the level too hard, so I’m thinking of starting the player off with a weaker wooden sword that is unable to cut bushes. I might make the first level contain only the very weakest enemies too. Slimes are damn dangerous without a sword!

  • The bow and shield are obtainable as optional bonus items now. They’re optional in the sense that they don’t have to be collected to be able to complete the dungeon.

  • Colored keys are now specific to the map you’re in. You cannot carry keys from the first level to the second any more.

  • Permadeath is now an option when you start a new game. This stops you from being able to save, and removes the ‘Continue’ option from the Game Over menu.

  • I added a cheat / map-editing item - the “Cane of Kantou” - which can delete or summon enemy mobs. It’s the yellow staff in the screenshots below.

  • Finally, I’ve tweaked the color-scheme generator so it should produce less gaudy schemes now.


I started refactoring the lock-and-key puzzle generator, metazelda. This is still a work-in-progress, and I haven’t pushed my modifications back to the github repo yet.

The new algorithm is far simpler and will be much more flexible. It can already generate dungeons in specific shapes (see if you recognize the shapes in the screenshots following) and eventually it will be able to generate puzzles with on/off switches.

Next week I’m on holiday, away from my development machine, so there will be little progress.

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