Two weeks ago I said that I’d be working on adding bombs to Lenna’s Inception. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy with other things that I haven’t had time to work on this. One of those things was the Ludum Dare event last weekend, but ironically my entry was still related to bombs…

The theme for Ludum Dare 25 was “You are the Villain.” After a short brain-storming session, @NerdOfGamers, @fractallambda and I worked together as a team to produce our jam entry: My Little Terrorist.

In this game, you take control of a terrorist cell organization and order your terrorists to manufacture bombs, collect resources and recruits, and go on suicide missions. The goal is to raise your notoriety level to 1000, making you world-famous.

You can play the Java applet here.

One thing that came out of the competition was the realization that I really need to learn a game engine. For Lenna’s Inception, I’ve coded everything from scratch, which has worked out fine since it’s a long-term project, and I had some specific ideas about how to implement synchronization in multiplayer that required this. But for short events like Ludum Dare, and for quick prototypes, pre-made engines are critical. If I’d been ready with libgdx for LD25, I’d have had perhaps another half a day to work with (and I would have bothered with sound effects too).

On this basis, I spent part of Friday in a short game-jam with NerdOfGamers again, this time following and modifying a libgdx tutorial so I could be more efficient in the next competition.

The game we produced was Beyond the Pail: Taking the Piss, a silly game based on the usual catching-raindrops-in-a-bucket thing, but with yellow raindrops instead.

You can download the executable jar, but it won’t be of much interest to anyone. It’s a really crappy game whose sole purpose was learning libgdx. Source here.

Still on my list of things to learn is box2d and tiled.

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