My last post was three weeks ago – that’s how long it took to implement and integrate the new room planner I’ve been working on.

Whereas in the Binding of Isaac, the contents of rooms are generated from templates that are modified slightly (rotated, flipped), Lenna’s Inception will feature rooms that are designed from scratch, as well as the templated rooms it had before. More work is still needed to make it pretty, but it’s functional at least.

It was designed to do the hard stuff involved in procedurally generating room contents like this, including:

  • The room planner works with the map planner (Metazelda) to ensure that where there are lock-and-key puzzles, the key is actually required.
  • In the cases of things like cracked rocks (which are conceptually locks for which the key is a bomb), it can ensure that there is sufficient space next to it to plant a bomb; when placing a hole it can ensure that there is landing space for the player to jump to on the other side of it, etc.
  • In rooms where all the mobs have to be killed to continue, it will ensure that all the mobs are reachable (if there are sections of the room that are locked and possibly not reachable to the player on their first entry to the room).
  • If a key is in the same room as a lock, it will ensure the key is on the side of the lock that will allow the puzzle to be solved!

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