You have two updates this week since next week is my birthday and I probably won’t be posting!

Lenna’s Inception

This week I fixed a bunch of bugs I’d been putting off for a long time. I’ve also added some new (minor) content:

  • The Compound Eyes item has been renamed to the Telescope of Galilei, since I couldn’t find a way to make the old sprite look nice. The screenshots below show the new sprite and the effect it has in cheat mode.

I’ve added some new room styles including:

  • The pool, which fills in the middle of an area with a rectangle of the same kind of tile. I intend to add water tiles, which is why it’s a “pool.”
  • Some kinds of organic maze-like things.
  • I’ve extended floor decoration to more kinds of rooms that didn’t have any before.
  • And this screenshot also shows randomized placement of objects containing items (the bushes and cracked rocks):

Never Enough Space

This week @NerdOfGamers and I have been working on adding the basic sprites, shooting, enemies (only asteroids so far), parallax scrolling backgrounds, etc. for the external space location. We’re planning on having underwater and internal locations as well.

Also this week, we’ve added the different races of crew members and the breeding mechanics.

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