I’ve disliked the way the title screen looked ever since I originally added it. This week I felt especially inspired to replace it, and created a new piece of art for the game:

The white tower in the background is the Ivory Spire that will feature in the game’s storyline. And yes, I have been working on the backstory too. (No spoilers in this post, don’t worry.)

If you want to repeat what I did to make this, here’s the process:

  1. Sketch the image on paper and 'scan' it with a camera phone because you're too poor for a scanner.
  2. Open the photo in GIMP and add color in a separate layer, using blurring, noise filters, etc. where necessary. At this point, it is still full-range RGB. Completely replace the Spire in the background, because apparently you're terrible at free-hand drawing.
  3. Hide the photograph layer, showing just the color layer.
  4. Construct a reduced-color palette for GIMP to use for the final image. I exported this graphic from the game itself (feel free to use this palette under whatever terms you like):
    Open the above palette graphic, and tell GIMP to change the mode to indexed, and generate the optimum palette. GIMP saves this palette for you to use in other images.

  5. Go back to the title screen image, flatten it, scale it down to 256x192, apply indexed mode and select the new palette.

And here’s how it used to look. What an improvement!

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