An updated demo of Lenna’s Inception is available. And thanks to the bank holiday weekend in the UK, I’ve got lots more new screenshots to show you too!

There’s a new item lets you lift boxes, urns and pots.

Old items have been updated too: the bow already existed in the game, but now archery skills are essential to progress too.

Since some people found the controls initially confusing, I’ve put in a new tutorial and help system. For the most part it keeps out of the way, but if you need to refer to it, there’s a manual in Lenna’s inventory.

There’s a new boss – a witch who attacks you with her broom and a remote-control eyeball.

Oh and the heart containers bosses drop just became a whole lot more disgusting.

I’ve added a WIP optional item. It’s currently called the Third Eye, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to rename it Missinglasses, because the effect of using it is to glitch the game. Whether it makes it into the released game is undecided at the moment - I still need to figure out how the puzzles using this item will work. Possibly by making visible hidden doorways or by changing some tiles properties, e.g. turn lava into grass?

And of course pre-alpha8 contains everything else I’ve shown off in the last few weeks - the Kitty boss and the new title screen.

Alpha will be coming up soon, at which point the game will include eight dungeons. When that happens, I will start working on the overworld (while still improving the dungeons) and add permadeath challenge modes. Some of the ideas for challenge modes I had were:

  • Only one heart.
  • No swords.
  • Permanently glitched graphics.

Download Lenna’s Inception version pre-alpha8.

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01 June 2013