It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve finally released pre-alpha9! This contains all the features you’ll have seen in screenshots and videos recently, including:

Gammonpork and Mr. Chicken

The Missinglasses and the Lighter


Lenna's Inception - Pre-alpha9 Demo

What's next for Lenna?

This update puts the game at eight levels. As I’ve said elsewhere, this means the game will go into alpha in the next update. Alpha1 will only include bug fixes and minor features over what is in pre-alpha9, but it’s during the alpha phase of development that I’ll finally get to work on challenging, alternative game modes, and the overworld and NPCs. So I’m understandably quite excited about this!

For a few months there will be little visible progress on features in the game. This is because I will be busy fixing bugs, polishing, talking to musicians and researching the overworld generation. If you want to keep up to date with what I’m working on through this, it’ll be best to follow me on twitter, which I will update more often than IndieDB and my blog.

I might stream some of my coding sessions on too, so if you’re curious about how I work on Lenna’s Inception, or about game development in general, you should come along. Feel free to ask me questions while I’m working!

Until next time…

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20 July 2013