Just a quick update this time: Lenna’s Inception has been reviewed by video game blogger FullyAvenged!

Check out what he has to say on his blog, which I’ve summarized with a quote here:

Lenna’s Inception has the potential to be something much greater than the sum of its current parts – and I’m excited for it. Its not very often I play an Indie game so early in development as this and have more fun than I’ve had with some “major releases” I’ve played recently, but Lenna’s Inception got me. Somewhere between the kitten battle and the war of the chickens, it got me.

And I love it. I absolutely love it.

I can fully recommend FullyAvenged’s blog - he writes extremely lucidly and very honestly. And if you’re a developer, you should send your game his way. He’s capable of giving very good constructive criticism.

Finally, don’t forget to follow him on twitter!

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20 July 2013