As of today, Lenna’s Inception is in open alpha testing! Details are inside.

New features in this release:

  • More tutorials
  • Improved sprites and tiles
  • New menus for options, loading save files and starting new games
  • Built-in crash handling and reporting

Despite its alpha status I’ve done everything possible to ensure it’s a stable and bug-free experience. What the alpha lacks that the release will have is features – not quality!

If you’re still not convinced whether you want to try the game out in this early state, you should check out FullyAvenged’s review:



If you want to be a tester (or if you just want to try the game out) you can download it from my website or from IndieDB:

Lenna's Inception

If you have feedback or a bug to report, send it to

You won’t have to pay to test or try out Lenna’s Inception; the game will remain free for at least as long as it takes to get to beta!


I’ll be taking a break from this project for a few weeks starting now. I’ve been working so hard on Lenna’s Inception that other parts of my life are suffering. I will still be contactable in all the usual ways if you want to talk to me or ask anything about the project.

The next feature to work on will be boss and item randomization. Currently you encounter bosses, equipment and artifacts in the same order each time you play. A randomized order will help increase the variety in permadeath playthroughs. This should really have been in the alpha already, but I ran out of time. After that will come time trials and permadeath challenge modes, and the main feature I’ll be adding during alpha, the overworld!

Ludum Dare Streaming

In unrelated news, I’ll be taking part in the Ludum Dare competition this August 23-26th, and I’ll be streaming the development of my entry on Twitch. Come along if you’re feeling curious! I may even stream a little Lenna’s Inception…

Handy tip: Twitch will send you an email notification when I start streaming if you register on the site and follow me.

Thanks for reading!

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08 August 2013