Let’s take a look at some of the games that have made an appearance on #FeedbackFriday on /r/gamedev today! Noble Kale normally does these posts on his website, but this week he’s delegated the responsibility to me…

I use Linux exclusively for development and gaming, so all the games I cover here run and work smoothly (albeit with the use of WINE on three of them) – no Unity Web Player dependencies here! And it goes without saying that they all work flawlessly on Windows too.

If something featured here takes your fancy I strongly recommend following the link to the reddit post and trying the game yourself. Leave some constructive criticism and encouragement for the devs too!

Lost Crypts by Wx3 Labs

Website Reddit Post

Lost Crypts is a flash-based co-op roguelike game. It breaks with typical roguelike tradition in a couple of ways by using mouse input to fight and having real-time combat, but I feel like this was justified as it fits the game quite well.

Lost Crypts also features a variant of permadeath: your character does die permanently, but your gold seems to persist, and you can use this to buy your way back into the game at a level of your choosing. This alteration of the mechanic seems to be quite popular right now (with Rogue Legacy’s recent success) – and rightly too! Variation and mutation is definitely something that should be encouraged. Too many roguelikes become rogueclones in my opinion.

I played at a time there were no other players online. It certainly wasn’t a bad game, but I feel like it would have held my interest longer had other players (or bots?) been there.

Just beware if you’re playing at work without headphones: the sound effects for the female rogue character make it sound like she rather enjoys pain.

Sublight by Spacew00t

IndieDB Reddit Post

Kale has posted about Sublight before. When he first revealed how excited he was about it my first thought was “whut?” This game is very early in its development, but it wasn’t until I actually tried it this evening that I saw what fantastic potential this project has.

Sublight currently works more like a physics simulation at the moment, but the IndieDB page lists a huge variety of different types of missions that will be in the game. The things you can do at the moment include influencing the shape of the galaxy you play in, choosing which modules to attach to your ship, and choosing the initial values for population, fuel and rations.

The final thing you do is select a destination star and after that, the simulation takes over and you get to watch the population grow or shrink as the years fly by at about 10 per second. There’s no FTL travel nor any wormholes in this game, so you’ll be waiting quite a while! It seems like the main gameplay should come during this phase. Micromanagement, battles, and so on would be great mechanics to mix up here.

The graphics in this game are all really very pretty already.

Arnthak by Noble Kale

Website Reddit Post

Arnthak is the game I have been most looking forward to of all the /r/gamedev games I’ve been following. I know that the developer is the guy who usually writes these #FeedbackFridaySampler posts, but credibility be damned, I want to write about this game!

It’s the sheer scope of this game that impresses me the most. It’s HUGE, and it’s being developed by just two artists and one programmer! This damn game even has book presses. WTF.

It’s not without its issues mind you, but no project ever is. The default controls seem quite unintuitive, there’s no sound, and the lack of parabolic jumping arcs makes it difficult to predict jumps. Still, the sense of adventure (and the little bit of nostalgia) I get derping around and dying in this game make it all worthwhile.


Interstellaria by Cold Rice

IndieDB Reddit Post

You need only look at the inventory screen to know that this game is going to be an artistic masterpiece.

The game currently works like a Mario-style platformer with guns, but the developer has said that there will be space travel segments. It’ll be interesting to see how this mix of mechanics will work out.

I’m watching this project with keen interest.

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