Ludum Dare was last weekend, and what a busy weekend it was!

The theme this time around was “10 seconds.” Initially, it didn’t seem like this would support interesting interpretations, but in the end we hit on an idea that kind of worked (as a prototype at least)…

I worked on this entry with Kieron (aka @NerdOfGamers) and Daniel (aka @db434). Our idea was that you could pause the game for only 10 seconds, make some adjustments to the environment to turn things in your favor, and then start the game going again.

You play the shadow of the guy in the yellow shirt and can move around and kick things while the game is paused. The goal is to kill as many people as possible, and you get extra points for combos.

You can kick people in front of cars, flatten them under the billboard, catch them in a propane tank explosion, etc. You can even bludgeon entire groups to death with trashcans if you time your kick so that it bounces between them continuously.

Here’s the link is if anyone would like to try it.

We chose to develop this in Python since it was something we’d all had experience in. In retrospect, this made it really hard to produce a distribution for Windows users who won’t install Python and Pygame. The game would have been able to reach a wider audience if we’d developed it in Java, due to the ability to create applets. Given Daniel and I are both quite comfortable with Java, and Kieron ended up focusing mostly on graphics, this would have worked out much better.

The game kind of reminds me of Streets of Rage. It makes me want to explore that genre in a future game!


I’m getting back into developing Lenna’s Inception this week after my break from it, yay! I don’t have any screenshots yet; all I’ve done so far is randomize the order of quest items and bosses.

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