I added a bunch of challenge modes to Lenna’s Inception this week for people who find the main game too easy and to encourage alternative ways of playing.

Terrorist No-Sword run - start with the bombs and play through without ever getting a sword.

Sniper No-Sword run - like above, but starting with the bow rather than the bombs.

Arsonist No-Sword run - like above, but start with a cigarette lighter instead.

I AM ERROR - because being able to see what you’re doing makes the game too easy.

3 Heart Challenge - you don’t get extra HP when you kill a boss.

As a bonus side-effect of adding the no-sword runs, I’ve been forced to rebalance parts of combat to make the bow, bombs and lighter actually worthwhile having in fights :)

I released all this in the Alpha2 demo. Even though I was relatively quiet about its release, I can barely keep up with all the feedback I’ve been getting!

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07 September 2013