Over the last few weeks I’ve been collecting various pieces of concept art I’ve created in my quest to develop Lenna’s Inception. My favorites are in this post.

For most of these, the method I’ve used to produce them is:

  • Sketch on paper with a biro or a pencil.
  • ‘Scan’ in with a camera phone (because indies can’t afford luxuries like scanners).
  • Open in GIMP, set the photograph layer to multiply mode, and color in a layer behind it.

It’s uber cheap and lazy.

^ Lenna camping outside with the as-yet-unnamed librarian NPC.

^ This is how Lenna is able to simultaneously use the sword, bow and shield in-game.

^ You might recognize this scene from the title screen.

^ This is the earliest sketch I can find of Lenna.

^ The Black Rose. This will become the in-game item Lenna uses to travel between worlds.

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05 October 2013