The alpha4 Halloween update is here and it’s time to reveal the secret: Lenna has pets. Read below to find out what they’re for.

Download alpha4 (11MB)

After being given the requisite item (for the moment, just blood), these creatures quickly become Lenna’s allies and will fight enemies alongside her.

There are three pets to choose from:

The pumpkin bounces around, jumping onto enemies.

The bat moves fast and can fly over obstacles.

The chicken panics and runs back and forth when scared by enemies.

For the most part, their behavior is governed by AI, but there is an item, a whistle you can find that will give you a small amount of control. By using the Whistle, you can tell your pet to hide off-screen. Using it again will bring your pet back.

Pets are smart enough to pick up hearts when they’re low on health, but if your pet does die (and you’re not playing in permadeath mode), the Hypodermic Needle will allow you to bring your pet back to life with a blood transfusion. A transfusion will cost you two hearts.

Your parents lied to you about your goldfish. All that was needed was a blood transfusion.

This is just the start. In future updates, I’ll be adding more kinds of pets, making them harder to find, and adding new items: name tags and augmentations that make them tougher, more damaging, or make them fight in new ways.

Download alpha4 (11MB)

Have a great Halloween, and don’t eat too many Archangel Hearts!

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31 October 2013