I’ve taken another break from overworld generation to clean up something that’s been on my backlog for a while: magic. I think fantasy games (and stories, for that matter) rely too heavily on magic and gods and fairies and things of that nature, so I’m removing them from my game. First on the agenda is replacing the Silver Sword.

Damascus Katana

I’m still working on this weapon, but it’s going to be lighter and more damaging than the steel sword. Being lighter, you’ll be able to swing it faster and in a wider arc.

“Damascus Katana” implies a fusion of middle-east (Damascus) and far-eastern (Katana) technology. At the moment, I think it will be given to the player upon completion of a side-quest that involves rediscovering the lost techniques for producing Damascus steel.

Tungsten sword

One of Tungsten’s most widely known uses is as the filament in light bulbs, so naturally a sword made of Tungsten would have some electrical properties. The description of the item explains that it charges up using panels on the hilt and that the blade is very hot.

So not only does this sword discharge massive lightning bolts when you swing it at full power, but it sets enemies on fire too!

Easter Eggs

One more sword is still on my to-do list: the Obsidian Sword. This is a jab at implausible weaponry in RPGs (such as Skyrim’s “Ebony” tier of items), and will shatter when you try to use it.

Update 2013-12-16

The alpha5 update contains the Tungsten and Damascus swords. You can download it here:

Lenna's Inception - Alpha5 Demo

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30 November 2013