I’ve been hinting for a while that I’ve been trying to get a musician for Lenna’s Inception. Many very talented people have been contacting me about the position, but the question of who has been settled for a long time in my mind.

So which musician will be composing the soundtrack for Lenna’s Inception?


## Andrew

Allow me to introduce you to musician, mathematician and British Go champion, Andrew Kay (aka Warfreak2).

I’ve known Andrew and his music for quite a long time. Way back when I started working on Lenna’s Inception I knew that if the project worked out I would want Andrew to create the music for it.

Have a quick listen to his first track, which will form the theme for woods/jungle dungeons, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's a perfect fit for Lenna's Inception:

You can find Andrew’s other albums on his website. One I find particularly impressive is his 2005 album, Modern Chiptunes, for which he composed the music by writing C programs to create the audio.

For Lenna’s Inception he’s repeating the feat, this time using Python along with more synthesis ideas such as Frequency Modulation. FM synthesis was used on the Sega Genesis, so this will surely give it a nostalgic feel!


## In unrelated, Let’s-Play-related, news

TRSCP has been doing a [Let’s Play series of Lenna’s Inception], including two videos of the challenge modes. His videos are fun and he has a great sense of humour, so go check it out!

Finally, if I may, I’d like to entice you to make videos of Lenna’s Inception as well! There’s been a lot of noise about Youtube flagging content in game-related videos recently. For Lenna’s Inception I’ve put a statement on my website that you can use as evidence of permission:

I want you to stream and/or record videos of my games! I place no restrictions on your videos, what you choose to cover or what you choose to say about them. Do what you want!

Furthermore, I hereby grant you permission to monetize videos of my games. If you’re required to provide evidence that you have permission (as Youtube sometimes does), linking to this page should suffice.

Alpha5 is available for download and includes improvements and fixes for many problems Let’s Players come across, including a lack of volume controls and a display that doesn’t stretch to fill the window. (Although as in previous versions you will still need to select the ‘Run in Same Window’ to stop it opening the game in a new window.)

Lenna's Inception - Alpha5 Demo

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17 December 2013