The wonderful duo at RobotLovesKitty together with Greenlit Gaming are putting together a fantastic event this weekend, bringing together over 60 indie games for a 48 hour stream of gameplay, special guests, Q&As, giveaways, sneak peeks, and cake! (Although quite how the cake can be shared over a stream remains to be seen.) You can read more about it here and watch it here Friday to Sunday.

IndieDev Supershow

It’s going to be awesome, and what makes it even better is that Lenna’s Inception is one of the games chosen to be streamed. Lenna will be sharing the Sunday at 8am EST (1pm GMT) slot with Hypergauntlet by Udell Games (another brilliant game you should definitely check out).

This means I’ll be in the chat, and on the air answering questions!

To celebrate, I’ll be giving out pre-order keys to a select few that will mean you never have to pay for the full version of Lenna’s Inception when it goes on sale.


I’ve been working really hard on the overworld, and it’s turning out to be one of my favorite features so far…

The terrain is all procedurally generated as described in previous articles.

There are procedural dirt roads to follow and explore.

I've been adding some new tiles...

... and experimenting with their use in dungeons too!

Curious about wha the whole world looks like? Click this one for a 4096x2816 atlas.

I’m aiming for a playable demo of the overworld in the first quarter of this year, so watch this space!

Cheers, and see you later.

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08 January 2014