There’s a new status bar design that changes color depending on which tunic you’re wearing. It also centers the player’s hearts and color-codes money and your pet’s health for extra readability.

Compare with this ‘before’ screenshot:

It used to be much harder to keep track of changes to your pet’s health while it was fighting. With the color coding you can quickly see the status of your pet through the corner of your eye while still focusing on combat.

Lenna and her pets flash red when low on health (animated GIF):

The overworld has had some graphical improvements too. I went for a walk with my pumpkin and took some screenshots along the way:

And finally, here’s a 4096x2816 1:1 scale map of an overworld. Click to view it full size:

The next update containing these improvements will be out by the end of March!

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01 February 2014