Rejoice, for alpha6 is finally here! And yes, that means you can finally do some adventuring in the overworld!

The overworld is the big new feature in alpha6 - it’s a huge world to explore and it’s fully procedurally generated. There are only a handful of landmarks and biomes for now, but future updates will add more.

'Colonianium'. Click to enlarge.

Scattered around this world are eight dungeons of six kinds:

One kind looks like a jungle inside!

Also included in this update are:

  • A redesigned status bar
  • A new challenge mode
  • Improved boss fights
  • And various performance and graphical improvements

Download alpha6 (24MB)

That’s it then. The technically most challenging update is out of the way, and from here to 1.0 will be smooth sailing. (Hah! Maybe.)

What’s coming next? Alpha7 (April/May) will include challenge mode leaderboards, and then in beta1 (June), when early access goes on sale, I’ll be returning to the overworld to refine it and add new landmarks, including shops and a library.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy playing alpha6. Cheers!

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16 March 2014