I’ve built into the game a way to record GIFs. Hitting Ctrl-F12 will start/stop recording. Be aware that recording for more than a few seconds can create huge files!

Read on for some examples and to find out what they’re for…

Starting a new game

Finding items

Discovering something new

Finding the first dungeon

Defeating the first boss


When you play the challenge mode games it’ll silently record screenshots and at the end compose them into a timelapse/slideshow GIF. These will be displayed alongside your score on the online leaderboards.

I’ve optimized the shit out of these timelapses so that I can keep the file size for an entire playthrough under 2MB.

At the moment, these timelapses loop endlessly, but I’m going to put some frames at the start and the end to display the final score, and so on.


I’ve also been doing some work on the launcher. When you start the game up in alpha7a and onwards you’ll be able to easily see if there have been any updates (or news about upcoming updates).

Click to enlarge.

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12 April 2014