UPDATE 2014-05-26: The link has now been updated with alpha7c, which fixes a major crash in story mode.

UPDATE 2014-06-20: The link has been updated again with alpha7d, which fixes a few more minor bugs.

If you’re following me on twitter or checked my blog in the last few days, you will have seen me post screenshots and links to leaderboards. Well, they’re now live in alpha7b!

GIFs are recorded when you play and displayed
alongside your score on the leaderboards

Download alpha7d (27MB)

View Leaderboards

Read on for information about a key giveaway.


EDIT: This contest has expired.

To encourage people to seed the board with their scores, I’m going to give away one itch.io key for each challenge (7 keys) to the first player to get a top ‘Best Time’ score in that challenge.

Since the leaderboards are almost empty at the moment, for most challenges that means just beating the game. For the ‘Just the Dungeons’ challenge however, this means beating my current record of 42 minutes.

If you get a top best time, email me at contact@bytten-studio.com, linking your score, and I’ll send you a key.

With an itch.io key, you will be able to get the game for free at release. If you already have one but want to compete anyway, feel free to give your prize to a friend!

Here’s a tip for beating my best time: in the options you can speed up the game 1.5x, which gives you a small advantage in getting the best time, but also makes the game a lot harder!

Leaderboard backend

The backend I wrote to host the leaderboards is generic and open source, which might be of interest to other developers. I’m also happy to host leaderboards for small indie games and jam games on my server. Contact me if you’re interested.

Other improvements

A handful of other enhancements have been made:

  • Full-screen mode has finally been added.
  • The crash handler no longer requires the game to run in a separate window from the launcher, which was causing chaos with screen-recorders.

Next update: beta1 in early July

I’m planning to make my next update in early July. That will be beta1, where I’ll be working on the story mode and introducing the first NPC - the librarian:

More information is coming soon!

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26 May 2014