I’m delighted to announce that Chucklefish, the wonderful team behind Starbound, are publishing Lenna’s Inception!

The brand new website over at is a product of theirs. We’ve also added Lenna’s Inception to the Chucklefish forums – which will be a fantastic place to share your leaderboard scores and speed-running tips (as well as for discussing everything else relating to the game). Aside from that, they’ve been providing tons of support and advice. I’m really excited to work with them!

The new website will be the primary way to keep up to date with the latest news about Lenna’s Inception, but I’m still planning to mirror posts on this website (and on IndieDB as well, although less frequently).


As of today, Lenna’s Inception has officially reached beta status!

While it’s in beta, you can purchase the game for £2.99 GBP (approximately $5.13 USD at the time of writing) on

As time goes by, I’ll be adding it to other stores, but initially it is only available on When/if it gets onto Steam, you can rest assured that Steam keys will be given to everyone who has already purchased it on


  • Huge procedurally generated world, different every time you play
  • 7 permadeath challenges with an online leaderboard
  • Pets that offer to fight alongside you with their own AI
  • Beautiful Game Boy-style pixel art with occasional gory scenes
  • Chiptune soundtrack composed by Warfreak2

Beta doesn’t mean I’ve finished adding features!

Besides finishing up the storyline, dialogue, and main quest, you can look forward to me adding these features coming in future updates:

  • Potions with randomized effects
  • A final boss
  • More biomes and environments
  • Pet evolutions that (for instance) turn your useless chicken into a ferocious phoenix of fiery doom
  • More items, enemies, secrets and challenge modes!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll check out the new website and follow my progress with Lenna’s Inception!


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08 July 2014