In Less, you reminisce about your past while removing objects from your room. However, you can choose which item relates to which memory! The ending you get will depend on which objects were involved in each event in your life. Did you give your wife flowers or a potato? Are you moving out to start a new life, have you just been dumped, or has something much, much worse happened?

This was an entry to the Ludum Dare 26 Jam, a 72-hour long game development competition. I worked on the writing and the graphics (there are some original pieces of art as well as all the clip-art). My friend Brice wrote the code and helped with the writing.

Less can be suggestive and/or dark at times. It is not suggested for children or the easily upset.

Originally, there was going to be a soundtrack that responded to how creepy your responses were (heartbeats, discordant chimes, etc.), but we ran out of time to finish this.

Play Less: * Web (or play it below) * Source

Please consider rating our game on the Ludum Dare website (if the judging is still open when you read this).